2018 Land Rover Defender Release Date

Wednesday, November 9th 2016. | LAND ROVER

2018 Land Rover Defender Release Date


2018 Land Rover Defender

2018 Land Rover Defender release in 2018

Land Rover scheduled launch of latest generation Defender in 2018. For the sake of maximum results, the manufacturer of the iconic SUV the United Kingdom some time ago began torturing Defender.

The Defender is now completely left his trademark boxy design that is legendary. Land Rover utilizing a new platform with aluminum material when designing Defender. So Autocar quoted.

Land Rover Defender decided to produce a centralized, simultaneous Discovery, Range Rover, and Range Rover Sport in Solihull, United Kingdom. In fact, Land Rover has had an aluminum factory in some locations.

“We are working on creating authentic suksesor Defender before. This architecture would contain many elements that are different from other aluminium cars, “said Ralf Speth, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of Jaguar Land Rover.

The use of a platform for some of these models are aimed at suppressing costs as vehicle mass production. Speth also recognizes when the entire model they work on profit aims.

Although production costs more efficiently, ensure the suksesor Land Rover Defender off-road capabilities has world class and reliability as the predecessor.

Models are referred to as the Series I Land Rover tilled by the Reborn Classic. Reported by Worldcarfans, the manufacturer will be restored as much as 25 units of Series I, each of which is handled by a team of experts.

The Division conducts the restoration total against the first generation units became the standard conditions of the manufacturer when it was launched in 1948. Components that are used directly supplied by Land Rover Classic Parts to keep the authentic values of the model.

“The launch of the Reborn fantastic opportunity for customers to have a valuable automotive icon collection. Reborn showing skill in restoring the Land Rover Classics and retain loyal customers Land Rover are precious for us, “said Tim Hannig, Jaguar Land Rover Classic Director.

Customers are welcome to consult the Classic Land Rover unit to suit their tastes. After booking, the buyer can follow the process of the restoration of the first generation Defender since its inception.

This limited edition is available in five different colors is Bronze Green (green), Dove Grey (gray), Light Green (light green), Poppy Red (red), and the RAF Blue (blue). Each of these colors represent the different periods.

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