2018 Lexus UX Concept, Release Date

Sunday, September 25th 2016. | LEXUS

2018 Lexus UX Concept, Release Date


2018 Lexus UX Concept

2018 Lexus UX will go on sale and come out some time in 2017 as a 2018 model year.

2018 Lexus UX Concept – Some time ago Lexus released a number of photographs that showed the back of a concept car named new UX Concept, and now show its interior that is not less futuristic.

The rumour crossover model will replace the position this would Lexus CT 200 h was introduced to the public for the first time at the Paris Auto Show next week.

Photos are offered in Motortrend, interior design UX Concept a futuristic look very like cockpit of a spaceship in science fiction films. The style of design was similar to the design of the exterior of the radical and also dominated the lines and sharp corners, so the crossover it looks aggressive.


2018 Lexus UX Interior

For interior design, almost all components adopt the design of the future, starting from the dashboard, steering wheel, AC vents, Consul, door trim and seating as well. A versatile form of ‘ unusual ‘ of a number of elements in the cockpit of a UX Concept that fit with the overall interior design which adopts the design of multi-layered.

The most powerful futuristic impression radiates from the middle of the Consul, in the form of crystal structure that stores display holograms for a/c and entertainment. While lever moving teeth replaced by a switch located on the side of the Crystal that the Consul and operated with the touch system.

Lexus UX Concept will no longer have a conventional side-view mirror, and instead use “e-cameras” that can simulate the situation outside the vehicle. Fin fish motif not only applied to the Consul, door trim and latticework a/c, but also on A pillar, which contrasts with the electro chromatic style window.

“We want to create a new genre of crossover compact, a vehicle that can make something unique from the standpoint of the consumer, and the innovative three-dimensional thus providing new safeguards for consumers,” said Stephan Rasmussen, designer in European Design Centre, ED2, courtesy of Lexus.

If his body does not look too big, UX Concept seems to be positioned under the Lexus NX. When approved for the produced, likely this concept will use the platform of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) which also used the Toyota C-HR.

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