2018 Nissan March Test Drive in Thailand

Sunday, January 14th 2018. | NISSAN

2018 Nissan March Test Drive in Thailand

After the end of the year 2016 at the ago launched the Nissan Micra latest generation in Europe, does not require a long time to Nissan unveiled the hatchback with the other name the March towards other continents.

As captured by the Headlightmag, the Nissan March fifth generation now undergoing trial in Thailand before the debut of ASEAN in the region.

Nissan March later this will have more lines and angles, creating the appearance of a new, more use of these platforms sporti CMF-A + on the Alliance Renault-Nissan.

To the heart of their motive, there is a choice of a turbo engine 3 cylinder 900 cc, as well as turbo-diesel 4-cylinder 1,500 cc, and following then 1,000 cc petrol engine

March 5th generation this will change much compared to before. Size of body is estimated to have a length of 4,010 mm, width of 1,780 mm, and height 1,385 mm.

On the inside, this hatchback delivers a more secure driving position, with the seat arrangements more flexible.

Thanks to its increased size, the space on the interior feels more spacious, with many who participated in it.

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