2019 Suzuki Alto Release October

Friday, February 1st 2019. | SUZUKI

Suzuki reportedly were preparing Alto the latest generation with better performance. According to Response.jp, if it is true, it could just be how it looks is also much more modern.

Then, Spyder7 tried to make an estimate through the image rendering. As to whether the evolution of Alto?

The first generation of Alto released in 1979. The first generation was made as the forerunner to lightweight version of bonet’s car.

Second generation released in 1984 was Alto Work with high-performance first. This version uses a 3-cylinder 4-valve DOHC turbo intercooler which maximum 64-PS.

But age is not the length of the second generation. Regeneration is done too quickly. Long story short, the current Alto is the eighth generation was released in 2014.

October 2019, and it looks like will be the ninth generation of the time showed his form. The chances of the nine generations later still would wear platform Hearttech.

Her face is the possibility of using the same grilles with Ignis. The front lights are also already using LEDs. Side profile look more spacious and the connected window line from the front.

Side lift also seems to carry the mild-hybrid system S-Energy Charge of ISG. The latest generation of Alto also could have supported features dual sensor support brake that also owned the previous generation.

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