2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS Version Maybach Release

Thursday, January 10th 2019. | MERCEDES-BENZ

Mercedes Benz has indeed long enough not to bring the line up to the latest variant of the GLS them after last appearing in 2012. But recently, offered from carscoops, Mercedes-Benz latest GLS wrapped in camouflage colors caught on spy cameras are conducting testing.

Then like apa approximate the look of this latest generation of GLS? Let’s discuss one by one.

On the exterior of the car is certainly the first impression it looks i.e. this car has a fairly large body size. Yes, of course, because this car is indeed is a crossover SUV 3rd row.

The front of the car it has a grille design that has two lines combined with a large emblem of the Mercedes that stands out on the core.

Not only that, the front of this car also has the main lights LED multi-beam small-sized design with a DRL headlights sein ‘ upright ‘ and have a low intake position.

The side look more natural with a slope less than the previous model, while the rear window design looks shorter but more rounded shape.

Go to the interior, this car has the luxury of first-class accommodations in it. It is visible from the cabin 7 passengers were quite large and airy and there is a large digital screen that stretches nearly half of the dashboard.

The screen will display the system MBUX with satellite navigation infotainment that is enlarged, and there is also the option of massage chairs are sophisticated and have more than 60 color choice for ambient light.

Below this there is also the arrangement of the four ventilation air conditioning, climate control, as well as a new touchpad who plays in the position of a functioning control system porseneling infotainment without touching the screen. This feature is considered as an interpretation of the Mercedes on the BMW iDrive.

This latest GLS has the same platform with the smaller sized GLE. This means he will offer additional features to ride like E-Active Body Control System, which uses 48-volt power settings to adjust the shock air suspension separately. If experiencing congestion in the path, this feature will raise and lower the suspension to aid traction.

Other features that are likely to be present in this car is tailback assists, which serves to detect the condition of traffic in front of the slow-moving and will actively assist the driver in the vehicle slows to 60 km/h. It does so by utilizing the Steering assistance combined with the function of the radar cruise stop-and-go.

This car will have several options, from engines engine 6-cylinder turbo diesel that has power 286 hp with torque 600 Nm, and there is also a larger version of the output from the same unit and produce up to 340 hpdengan torque 700 Nm.

The petrol version is also available and capacity 3.0 L 6-cylinder engine that is spewing power up to 500 Nm torque of 362hp. While for 8-cylinder engine fans will have the option of bi-turbo V8 4.0 L that is already known and present at a higher output version in the wrap of the Mercedes-AMG 63 GLS. The energy generated will be transmitted to all the wheelchair through the automatic transmission 9-acceleration.

Mercedes GLS 2020 prepared to fight groups like other luxury SUV BMW X7, Ranger Rover, Audi Q7, Lexus GX, the Lincoln Navigator and the Cadillac Escalade. Whereas for those who think that regular GLS is still lacking quite luxurious, the good news is the version of the Maybach will be present and will be the alternative choice other than Rolls Royce Cullinan.

This car will likely undergo its official debut in 2019, but unfortunately it is not yet known for certain whether it will be launched at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September, or instead at the New York Auto Show in April. While car sales is expected to start before the end of the year.

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