2021 Infiniti Prototype 10 Concept

Thursday, September 27th 2018. | NISSAN

2021 Infinity Prototype 10 concept – Housed at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance 2018, California, United States, August 18, and then the latest roadster, INFINITI is a container for product development in the future.

Starting 2021, each new product division of Nissan’s luxury vehicles will be armed with electric and hybrid technologies. The realization of such plans has materialized since last year via the Prototype 9.

Executive Design Director of INFINITI, Karim Habib, managed to realize its vision of becoming a single-seat car. The process of making this car is done in various places, with the initial concept in Japan, digital design in United Kingdom, last assembled by hand in California.

“Inspiration comes from 10 Prototype sports car design in the past,” wrote Karim in a media release. “We target electric technology in the future, visible from every crook this car.”

While earlier models took the concept race car-style era drinks, INFINITI seems about to display their plans in the future in the Prototype 10.

The selection of California as the launch site is not without reason. State of the West Coast in the United States has been a haven of the automotive hobby enthusiasts modify the car. In addition, various speedway and race vaunted venue, WeaterTech Raceway Laguna Seca, became part of racing fans in there.

“California speedster car a style as well as activists of the modifications to the car,” commented Karim. “Prototype 10 touch unique culture of freedom of expression, both in terms of design and performance.”

The exterior of the Prototype 10 reminds us with Ferrari Monza SP1, the latest roadster car manufacturer Horse Jingkrak. Layout flows combined with the cockpit the driver with the rear fins here left.

The inception of this design cannot be separated from the previous two models of learning, Prototype 9 and INFINITI Q Inspiration Concept.

With its status as an INFINITI concept car, making the Prototype as a place to develop electric vehicle design and powertrain of the future.

“Electrification is providing new opportunities for the development of the design of the car,” said Karim. “Later, when making batteries, electric motors, gasoline engine or smaller capacity, we will no longer be restrained by physical limitations as of now.

“Prototype 10 indicates that the electric powertrain can be combined with sleek design, light weight, and courageous. It will make us rethink the basic design of a car.”

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