2023 BMW Super Cars M Series Release

Monday, January 7th 2019. | BMW

After you create a variety of beautiful and luxury cars (such as the BMW i8 or i8 roadster), the origin of the Germany car manufacturer BMW wants to make the car a huge magnitude or supercar. The car is said to directly challenge the Porsche 911 Turbo, McLaren 570S, and so on.

Reported by Carscoops, new BMW supercar is believed would arrive in the year 2023, when the Ferrari, Lamborghini, and other exotic car maker already will be launching their new electric models with the power of a great (fast).

“If you’re an engineer, once in your life, you’ll want to make a super car-sport. I think partial electrification will allow it, “says one of the BMW Board member responsible for product development, Klaus Frohlich.

“If we have an electric drive unit a very concise and powerful, if we have a carbon-fiber chassis, such as i8, and if we still have a high performance machine that can be developed, you can incorporate it into a real Pack, ” She continued.

So BMW super car will have the feel of a combination of the BMW i8 and also the BMW M car, Allegedly will have the power of around 700 horsepower.

In addition, Klaus also said that the sports car BMW is BMW M will also provided electric motors.

“M will also be electricity in the future, but we will work hard on the electrification of the car on partial M. This because they not only accelerated but also butuk should be prepared to drive around the corner and the race track. But the thing is, electric vehicles still has limited range, “lid.

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