25 Electric Cars BMW Worth Waiting For 2025

Wednesday, December 19th 2018. | BMW

2025 BMW 25 Electric Cars – In the year 2025 BMW Group will offer 25 models of electric vehicles, with 12 of them air-fully electric powertrain, so BMW vision presented the chairman Herald Kruger ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA).

“At the moment, and at the IAA, you’ll see a concept vehicle for the first electric MINI series, which will be launched in 2019,” said Kruger.

As already announced previously, BMW will introduce the core model of the first BMW, X3 as BEV in the year 2020.

In the future, all BMW full-electric will belong to the BMW i. This also applies to X 3. “We have also announced BMW iNEXT-spearhead our innovations – for the year 2021,” explains Kruger.

At the IAA this year, said Kruger, BMW will unveil another important milestone in the road map for e-mobility. It is a vision of how we imagine a fully electric vehicle four doors between the i3 and i8.

Kruger also revealed that the automotive industry is in the midst of fundamental change-are obvious. The success of the BMW Group is always based on long-term thinking. For decades, BMW has been working on developing more efficient powertrain and alternative.

In 2007 we launched vision Efficient Dynamics. On the way to emission-free future, BMW will continue to optimize the combustion engine.

In a lot of the current discussion, customer needs are often ignored: customer demand can not be forced. Customer needs must be anticipated and met.

“Therefore, we do not recommend driving prohibitions and quotas. We believe in a bid to convince with modern, efficient, vehicle and emotionally. “

Major players such as Intel, Mobileye, Delphi and Continental BMW have joined together to form the future drive automatically. Our test fleet now in the streets of Germany, Israel and travel daily in the US.

“This year, we will send 100,000 electric vehicles to customers. At the end of 2017, there will be a total of more than 200,000 units of BMW Group cars drove around the streets, “he said.

For seven consecutive years, the EBIT margin in the automotive segment of BMW remained within the range of our target that is 8-10 percent.

At the same time, BMW has taken great strides in transforming the company. As part of the NUMBER ONE > NEXT, BMW aims to improve sales and revenue in the luxury segment. Series BMW X7 and 8 both play an important role in this regard.

Furthermore, BMW Concept X7 shows it is possible to combine great sports activity vehicle with an electric drivetrain.

“Our strong Commitment towards e-mobility is underlined in the NUMBER ONE > NEXT. We will increase the share of electricity in all models of the brand and the model series. And, Yes, it also includes brand Rolls-Royce and BMW M, “explains Kruger.

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