Honda Sports Vision GT Concept

Thursday, December 7th 2017. | HONDA

Honda Sports Vision GT Concept

Vision GT program initiated by racing games on the Playstation, Gran Turismo, continued to attract interest from car manufacturers around the world

The latest is the origin of the Japan automotive giant, Honda, who recently released a visualization of the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo are certainly present in the latest game GT Sport for the PS4.

Honda seems serious in workmanship Sports Vision GT, because his designs throughout the House sent out to create a car that became a symbol of Honda cars sporty.

The winner was the Honda designers from California, who suggested a sort of baby NSX, here with a more compact size of the latest supercar belonging to Honda.

Next, the Honda Sports Vision GT really developed in the center of R&D Honda in Tochigi, Japan, as if this virtual car would actually slide.

In fact, the Honda Sports Vision GT model rumor real sized made and tested in the wind tunnel or a wind tunnel in order to test the aerodynamic coefficient of wear.

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