Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept Present 2018

Thursday, December 7th 2017. | LEXUS

Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept Present 2018

So apart from the shadow of Toyota, Lexus preparing a flagship SUV concept model can be seen in January 2018.

Nicknamed the SUV Lexus LF-1 that seems to have a line sloping body, as well as carrying the design language of the latest Lexus SUV makes this one worthy of the eagerly awaited.

Over the years, the Toyota-owned luxury car brand, Lexus LX SUV exclamation, relying on as his flagship SUV models

However, there are still many who think that the Lexus LX was nothing more than a Toyota Land Cruiser that was given the appearance as well as more luxurious amenities.

The supposition that it feels would sirna, because given the age of the Lexus LX which started all the luxury car manufacturer, was about to launch a successor to the luxury SUV.

Lexus LF-1 will introduce the Limitless, a concept luxury crossover segment of the sport utility vehicle (SUV), at the Detroit Auto Show, January 2018.

In its official description, Tuesday (5/12), the Lexus displays pieces from the back of the photo concept car LF-1 Limitless coated brown color and silhouette lights that connects from the right side to the left, just above the Lexus logo prominently with color Blue light.

The blue Lexus logo hinted that this car will likely be using a hybrid engine.

From the look of the backside of it, can be described that latest Lexus has a sloping tail section with the back window angled sharply downwards.

There is also a rear spoiler with lights that marks the top of the car when viewed from behind.

Lexus has yet to announce details of the LF-1 Limitless, either in appearance or specifications. But they say that this will be a SUV model of the flagship of the Lexus luxury crossover.

The design studio CALTY created in Southern California and will appear in the Detroit Auto Show in January next year.

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