Mitsubishi E-Evolution at Tokyo Motor Show

Saturday, December 9th 2017. | MITSUBISHI

Mitsubishi E-Evolution at Tokyo Motor Show

Mitsubishi E-Evolution concept – The Tokyo Motor Show which opened on this day (25/10) offers a variety of new cars is also a concept that is ready to be a benchmark, such as the Mitsubishi E-Evolution Concept.

This breed is the successor of Evo electric motor using 3, with one driving the front axle, while the remaining 2 powering on the rear wheels.

The motor itself promised bertorsi and the high-performance power supplied from the system of high-capacity batteries to provide smooth movement but also energetic.

Do not forget the Dual Motor technology, Active Yaw Control family pride Evolution were also present in the transmit power to the wheels that need it most.

Thanks to autonomous system contains, Mitsubishi e-Evolution is able to determine the magnitude of the energy expended, and read how heavy terrain traversed.

The brain of the Mitsubishi E-Evolution Concept is a clever artificial systems or artificial intelligence (AI) that could add to the capabilities of the driver.

A number of the sensor allows the AI system to instantly read the changing road conditions and traffic, as well as the desire of the rider.

With the intention of the motion coordinates the vehicle performance and rider subtly, the system will support how the ability of the rider. It makes it easier and safer to be controlled.

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