Mitsubishi e-Yi Concept at Shanghai Auto Show 2019

Tuesday, April 16th 2019. | MITSUBISHI

Mitsubishi e-Yi Concept – Mitsubishi will officially release a SUV plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) concept at the Shanghai Auto Show 2019 next week. E-Yi SUV Concept based Engelberg Tourer racing Concept that his plan would begin to enter the production line next year.

There is not much different from the Engelberg Tourer racing Concept, front light e-Yi Concept have LED headlamp above and below. Black front grilles with an assertive new design.

Chrome grilles on the front e-Yi Concept provided the LED light. LED lights that will light up blue when power e-Yi Concept is being recharged.

e-Yi Concept looks dashing with a high ground clearance and to skid plate silver. Perfecting the look of gagahnya, Mitsubishi supplied e-Yi Concept with a set of large alloy wheels.

The pillars of A e-Yi Concept and the roof is black. Then spion to wear the camera on the right side and left side. The lights behind it also wears LEDs. Rear spoiler with integrated glass.

While the Interior is no less modern. There was a 12.3-inch touch-screen monitor that doubles as a instrument cluster. While the second monitor in the Center will serve as an entertainment system. All designs are owned by e-Yi Concept referred to will be used for the production version.

Alerts you of GaadiWaadi, this concept car provided new engine petrol 2.4 L especially designed for PHEV automobiles. The machine was used as an electric motor generator. The machine was called will give an incredible eifisiensi.

Electric SUV concept is capable of reaching distances of up to 70 kilometers. whereas if the condition of the fuel and battery also ful ful, this SUV can embark up to 700 kilometers.

Power PHEV SUV is channeled into four wheels and use the Active yaw Control (AYC). Of course, these PHEV concept Mitsubishi SUV would provided a myriad of features drivers assists.

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