Peugeot Fractal Electric Coupe Concept

Monday, December 31st 2018. | PEUGEOT

The French automaker, Peugeot, just expose superiority design and technology skills that are embedded in their latest masterpiece, an electric coupe-cabriolet named Peugeot Fractal.

In addition to the exterior bundle nyentrik with a touch of futuristic, most tantalizing dishes from the concept of the sporty roof mounts open this is the sophistication of the tools and the new features that exist behind the bed.

This car is a master of innovative features, is ‘ 9.1.2 ‘ sound system come high-quality tactile bass set-up system embedded in the back of each seat, ready to add to the instinctual drive at the same time facilitate the channelling of information to the driver.

That alone is not enough, head-up display ala future nan high-definition with sophisticated holographic screen as well as a 45-degree polycarbonate stripping adds creamy aroma that envelops the futuristic cockpit cool cars.

Speaking of power, the Peugeot adopted two electric motor-powered 201 hp at maximum axle front and rear of the Fractal. Accompanied by a lithium-ion battery 30 kWh, the car will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show September 15 later this distance fare is able to penetrate the 450 km in once the full content.

Still not satisfied, Peugeot inject variable ground clearance privileges that allow them to adjust the height of the vehicle with the field will be skipped. For instance 70 mm to maximize aerodynamics and car keiritan while on the highway, or when 100 mm through the urban.

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