Spyshot Electric Renault Leaked, release mid-2019

Wednesday, February 27th 2019. | RENAULT

The launch of the Renault Kwid electric version it appears that will not be soon. After the design is patented, environmentally friendly citycar back caught the camera when tested in China.

Quote from Bitauto.com, although the car is still covered in camouflage, but visible LED headlight surrounded LED DRL is thin. Front and rear glass patterns any looks similar to the design.

Only, alloy wheels and lights behind it looks different with his design. In addition, the form of grilles, bumpers, alloy wheels, and the rear lights are also not the same as design patents.

Meanwhile, on the interior blue accents, some look like on the center console and steering wheel. This is certainly strengthening the effect as an eco-friendly vehicle.

Because it was a cheap electric car, Renault Kwid Electric not given head-large touchscreen display unit. However, these components seem to be attached to its top floor Variant.

Reportedly, Renault Kwid Electric capable drove as far as 250 km in the condition of the battery is full. Predictable cheap electric cars will be released in mid-2019.

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