Toyota FT-AC Concept The Tiger Off-road

Thursday, December 7th 2017. | TOYOTA

Toyota FT-AC Concept The Tiger Off-road

One of the world’s largest car manufacturer, Toyota, often using the name “FT”, which stands for Future Toyota, or Toyota’s future, for its flagship concept car.

After showing off the FT-86, which was later transformed into GT86, and Toyota concept FT-1 that a few more years as the Toyota Supra, now that Japan presents the origin of the giant FT-AC.

The name Toyota FT-AC itself has meaning Future Toyota-Adventure Concept, aka future Toyota cars that are able to be invited to go on an adventure.

It appears clear that the concept car Toyota FT-this is an SUV a tough ready invited to off-road, with a dashing appearance.

The appearance of Toyota FT-AC seemed to have the hefty designer take inspiration Toyota products that already exist and are equipped by additional LED lights on the roof and bumpers.

While driving imagination in the form of a gasoline engine with four-wheel drive, and accompanied by a hybrid system for future generations.

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